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Most of the time, our hands holds a cisor or something. You might also wait for John to finish his last joke about two kittens who had once a beard... »

The 7 greatest watches for Men in 2017

Choosing a watch is not a small feat. I mean you'll keep it for years and it will be in your face for everyday. Here are the greatest watches I saw in 2017. »

The 7 Best Summer looks For Men in 2017

I don’t feel like the most qualified person to review about this, and I guess it's impossible to be really qualified anyway. “Be yourself!”-type stuff isn’t effective without the exhausting breakdown we’re about to get into. »

Barber Avenue's blog is online!

It was much easier than we thought. We know we have to blog about what we do, share our vision of the world. Now we are proud to say that we will! »

Style guide

Learn by imitation Now that you know the basics of how to use Ghost, it's now time to edit your content seriously. See this page as your compass to do everything you want with your content. The purpose of the content below is to show you how you can style »