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“Hey, check this out! I made this and if you like it, I can do it for you too.”

THEY provide services and they own their websites.

Frank runs a Barbershop

Thanks to his website, Frank now has a page where clients can make appointments themselves. It means less time on the phone and more time to take care of his clients.

Thai is a restaurant owner

Thai's website was long overdue for a redesign as the mobile experience was bad, like... terrible. He also wanted to set up e-commerce to sell his new spices product line. Now when Thai has a promotion idea, it's easy for him to execute it and publish it.

Mary is a blogger

Mary knows that trust is everything and by being a thought leader in her space she will win. Mary decided to invest in the long run. She is passionate about technology, and she wants to make it more approachable for everyone. She is also the organizer of an event she hosts every month.

Divya is an accountant

There are so many things to explain when Divya meets a new client. She requests every new potential client to answer a few questions via her website. This way she instantly knows which potential clients are serious and which ones are not.

Every fiscal year, Divya publishes a checklist to help her audience to make it easy to do their taxes. Not only does it drive new business in, but it also minimizes the question her actual clients have.

David is a architect

After years of sharing pictures on social media, David put together an official portfolio. He realized he didn't want to serve anyone at any price. David decided to set a higher standard for himself, and his future clients. His new website is a statement that shares his vision and is a place to find people who believe what he believes.


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Ghost is a software that lets you create your website with a blog. It's an outstanding solution to publish and manage your content.

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