Frequently asked questions

What is Ghost?
Is Ghost for me?
What is play-with-ghost?
Why build with play-with-ghost?
What is the roadmap for play-with-ghost?
Which Ghost version is available?
Why were my edits deleted?
Is Ghost responsive?
Does the Ghost Foundation relate to this project?
Who is behind play-with-ghost?
Where is my license key?
How do you backup my data?

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What is Ghost?

Ghost is a software that lets you create your website with a blog. It's an outstanding solution to publish and manage your content. You can see Ghost as a better alternative to CMS systems like WordPress, Drupal, Medium, Tumblr, etc.

The project is mature, open-source and maintained by a dedicated team of 10 passionate people. About 300 persons have contributed to the software at this point. Overall, it's been downloaded over than 6 million times.

It’s one of the most popular modern open source projects in the world and is used in production by tens of thousands of websites and companies.

It's for writers and bloggers.

It's for those are who looking for a alternative to Wordpress, Medium, Drupal and other CMS that have failed them.

It's for people who are looking for a simple way to kick off their websites without messing with the design.

It's for people who value owning their data and their brand.

In the end, if you have something to share with the world (services, ideas, product), Ghost might be just the right fit for you.

What is play-with-ghost

play-with-ghost is a playground to learn about Ghost. You can see and edit websites made with Ghost. In short, you can try Ghost on the spot without having to sign-up!






  • Create a page or a post as easily as sending an email
  • Edit, remove posts & pages
  • Create links inside and outside of your website
  • Upload pictures
  • Format your content in markdown
  • Embed videos, forms, audio, etc
  • Organise the navigation menu
  • Import and export a backup
  • Accept payments and embed an e-commerce store
  • and more!

In short, as the editor, you are in control.

Why build with play-with-ghost?

User stories are defacto to way to right requirements for most software projets. Our main user story goes as follow:

AS a potential Ghost user
I WANT to see if Ghost could be the solution for me
SO THAT I can publish and communicate with my audience easily.

GIVEN that I WANT to see if Ghost could be the solution for me
WHEN I go on

THEN I expect to see many Ghost's themes to choose from
AND the option to edit those websites made with Ghost
SO THAT I can take a decision about the fact that Ghost is for me or not.

To see all scenarios, checkout our public roadmap.

In plain English there are three main reasons.

1) To allow you to try Ghost without having to sign-up for anything. I believe you should not have to register to try software and get all those spammy "hints" about the product. It's especially true when we have no idea if the application is good for your needs or not.

2) To allow you to see as a visitor, what a website made with Ghost looks like. The look of a website made in Ghost is driven by themes.

3) To allow you to put yourself in the shoes of an editor. To do so, you have access to a Ghost dashboard. This way you can realize how easy it is to publish and create your own website and blog with it.

All CMS (content management solution) I know we are showing you a fancy template, but they don't show you how it's made under the hood.

On pwg, you can.

What is the roadmap for play-with-ghost?

We share a public roadmap via our Trello board:


Which Ghost version is available?

Thanks to the latest software best practices like running software in containers and CI/CD, we can deploy (and redeploy) Ghost often and easily.

At play-with-ghost, we follow the releases pushed by the Ghost Team. You can see the exact Ghost version you are using like this:


Why were my edits deleted?

The demo sites are restored every 30 minutes. To understand what is going on under the hood, let me explain what the life cycle of a sandbox is.

WHAT IS A SANDBOX? β€” A sandbox is an environment where a software can live for a limited period.

RESTORE β€” All sandboxes are shut down and restored every 30 minutes.

DOWNTIME β€” During the restore process, 40 seconds downtime is expected.

SANDBOXES ARE PUBLIC β€” Other curious people might try and mess around the sandbox at the same time as you are. Don't freak out if some content changes while you try it.

NEED TO PLAY FOR MORE THAN 30 MINUTES? β€” If you would like to try Ghost 10 days for free, please let me know here. I'll set up a private sandbox for you.

Is Ghost responsive?

Absolutely! This is like asking if there are tomatoes in my ketchup. The website and admin area are both responsive.

If it's the first time you login into the Ghost dashboard, I would highly recommend you to login via a desktop. It will give you a better sense of what it can do. Managing content takes space.


Does the Ghost Foundation related to this project?

No, it's an initiative made by me, Pascal Andy. I love Ghost and have used Ghost since version 0.4. I believe it's one of the greatest OSS (open source software) for small and medium businesses who need a website.

Just like there are many companies that offer many Wordpress hosting solutions, my goal is to build the most appealing solution for hosting Ghost.

You can learn about the Ghost foundation here.

Who is behind play-with-ghost?

Short version β€” is a project built by Pascal Andy and sponsored by FirePress. Here is the long version


  • We have two copies of your data at all time on seperate servers (hot backup).
  • All cloud backups are encrypted locally before being uploaded to the cloud.
  • Every 4 hours, we snapshot client's databases in the cloud.
  • Every 24 hours, we snapshot client's pictures in the cloud.
  • Our cloud storage provided is Backblaze B2. They offers a data durability of is 99.999999999%. It means there’s a higher likelihood of an asteroid destroying Earth within a million years than havingour cloud provider losing a file.



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Where is my license key?

When you sign-up for your Free 10-day trial, our system sends you an email which includes your license key. This is how it looks (screenshot):