Men come to Barber Avenue not only to get a great haircut but also to relax and have fun. It's a place to talk about your projects, your ambitions and to connect with other ambitious people like you.


Shaving $17
Mens hair cut $42
Shampoo $9
15 min head message $37
Organic hair color $120
Young men (15 y/o or younger) $19


Black top pomade $25
Fiber pomade $20
Free form cream $24
Matte pomade paste $24


  1. If it's the first time your friend is meeting us, we will be glad to offer you both 50% off. It's nice the meet you!
  2. It happens that most people don't like to see us Tuesday morning. Maybe you're not one of those people? You are about the get 20% off during if you want to spend your Tuesday morning with us.  
  3. It's Monday night football and you don't want to miss the game? No problem, watch it with us. We will even give away some chicken wings. Psst, psst, we never say no to a good beer.

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Frank O'Neil
Montreal City Canada
At Barber Avenue, we don't only offer you a fresh look, we offer a fresh perspective. Challenge us!