As a social media campaign ninja, we help businesses to focus their marketing efforts with dedication and passion. Our team is small, customer oriented and highly reactive. See us as your personal expert team for:

  • Social networks management
  • Content creation
  • SEO optimization
  • Call To Action to redirect your followers into a sell

Social networks nurturing

Operate and execute the core of your business is taking all your time? This is not a reason to give up on social networks. Let our creative people do it for you! Find more Ghost themes.

Original content

    Original content
    Minimum of 400 words
    2 weeks delivery
    Original content
    Minimum of 950 words
    2 weeks delivery

Social Networks

    Once a day
    5 days a week
    Publish original content over 3 social networks
    Billed each month
    Three times a day
    5 days a week
    Publish original content over 3 social networks + YouTube
    Billed each month

SEO analysis

    up to 1000 words for the whole site
    up to 1750 words for the whole site
    up to 2500 words for the whole site


I'm very impressed by what Martine did on my Instagram profile. I couldn't have made it without you! xoxx

Katy Perry

What can I say that's not been said about Martine? She blowed my mind when we thought there was no solution. Bravissimo!

Walt Mossberg

This platform plus a shitload of work is a game changer. Period!

Gary Vee

Working with Martine is a privilege. You rock!

Sara Salty

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